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747-444-0273 1x
Never have been able to talk to anyone at this number as only texting is allowed. They claim to give Federal Grants but won't issue them by Registered Bank Check. After that everything gets scary. Be careful how you deal with them as they will require you to advertise for them.
SMS Negative
501-664-8821 1x
did not leave message
Unknown Neutral
646-938-6608 1x
The fifth call in a row from a NEW YORK Financial Institution the first one was 646-173-2947, then 646-173-0650, then 646-261-4527, then 646-833-8019, then 646-938-6608 and when I ask what they are selling, they tell me they are calling from a financial institution and when asked which one they refuse to give me that information. Why should anyone talk to these people i we have trouble and they have trouble listening to what we tell them, such as DO NOT CALL ME BACK FROM ANY LINE IN YOUR COMPANY? why is it now a fact that no matter which company advertises they can give the name of the caller for free, they never intended to actually do that?
Financial services Nuisance