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800-540-3229 166x
I accidentlly called them. This is what happened. This is a number is almost exactly the same as EBay customer service. EBay is: 1-866-540-3229. These guys are: 1-800-540-3229. I dialed the 1-800 number, then was prompted to press 1 - "as there was a high number of calls holding, a I was eligible for a $100 visa gift card. The lady asked for my name and birth date to verify who I was. I said I don't give out my birth date and she said just the year was fine. I gave her the wrong year. What address should we send this to...Then 'to complete the process,' there is a $4.95 fee to activate and postage to send it. "What card number did I want to put that on?" She would not transfer me to customer service, until the process was complete. Fortunately I did not give in and terminated the call. I called EBay again - using the correct number - completed my business with the customer service rep. and then told her what had happened and routed to security, who took it seriously and made a report. It was only after I checked my call log on my cell account, did I notice the difference between the numbers. Be careful when your dialing...
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