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Phone number The number of search Comment Detail
516-870-0111 2x
Hough & Guidice not speak.
Unknown Neutral
256-666-5894 4x
2566665894 calls over and over several times throughout the day but never leaves a voicemail so must not want me to return their call
Silent call / Robocall Negative
888-489-0861 4x
No voicemail left, sounds like a robocaller
Silent call / Robocall Nuisance
888-996-4261 6x
Detail Transcript of Voicemail Received on February 10, 2021 from an Unidentified Male with a Robotic Voice:
"I'm contacting you regarding a complaint that has been forwarded to our office and been set for delivery to your last known address on file and has been returned undeliverable. You must contact our office at 888-996-4261 and reference the telephone you were contacted at or you may press one to connect with your case manager. Failure to respond to this complaint will result in the due process without your participation."

If this was a legitimate caller from a reputable business and/or company then it should state the caller's name, the company/business name that s/he is calling on behalf of, and possibly a reference and/or actual case number (not yours or their telephone numbers) so if it fails to meet at least the first two I immediately block it and report the number to the FCC right a way; especially if the caller uses any kind of scare tactics in their language i.e. a warrant will be issued if this call is not returned, your information has been compromised and money needs to be paid in order to secure your personal information, your social security number has been flagged for suspicious criminal activity now police will be coming to your house to arrest you if you do not call us back, etc...
FYI: I advise never to answer an unknown number - this is actually a scam within itself -robocallers trying to get hits on live/working numbers that they will turn around and resell it to other scammers then you will start getting bombarded with even more annoying calls... if it is actually a friend, family member, doctor's office and/or a real personal business matter for you then the caller will leave a voicemail...
*use your voicemail greeting to your advantage by stating, if you do not leave your name, the name of the business/company you are calling on behalf of and the reason or nature of you contacting me then your call will not be returned or at least not by me but I'm sure someone from the FCC will be reaching out to you once I have forwarded all unknown and unidentified numbers over for investigation"
Scam call Negative
404-609-1752 1x
gives you a weird code no
Unknown Negative