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299-999-9999 574x
A VoIP number, with calls every 67.667 days (average). 4 calls so far throughout the year. +12999999999 is most likely a VoIP number and has called me every 67.667 days. I calculated the duration between days and calculated an average between the dates/times. The caller seems to have left a brief (almost silent) voicemail by mistake, which I used audio software to amplify the volume. I heard what seems to be a partially-distorted voice of a fast-speaking, high pitch guy, maybe 30-40 years old. Possible transcriptions are: didn't add up (pause) deep pockets / get it out of (pause) deed copy / had it of (pause) do you copy.

I had to debug my phone just to decipher this fishy number/caller.
Scam call Negative